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October 2017

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How to Optimize the SEO of Your Landing Pages to Rank in Google’s Top 10

For the ideal customers, the landing page creates that first impression. It initiates their interactions with your business...

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How Brand Monitoring Can Support Your Search Optimization Strategy

SEO isn’t just about optimizing your own content to be easily found by people performing search queries directly in search engines or social media platforms. More sweat is involved to ensure your brand is facing its audience correctly and competently.

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7 Little-Known Keyword Research Tips You Didn’t See Coming

You should work smart, not hard. People over intellectualize things. Keyword research can be hard and time-consuming and mind numbingly boring. It doesn’t have to be, though. In fact, all you need is about twenty minutes. So less than the time you waste on Twitter. And I promise you won’t have to open Excel once. Deal? Let’s dive straight in.

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6 Amazing Tools to Estimate Your SEO Potential

Modern marketing is all about data. Forecasts, ROIs, opportunities and revenues are solely sales metrics. Marketing become data-driven and you need tools to derive and evaluate this data.

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Top 6 Social Listening Tools

Social media platforms are at the forefront of communications, and where most of the leads are being generated. Whenever a small business or enterprise uses social media promotion, it is important for them to be armed with the most sophisticated social media listening services at their fingertips.

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Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog

@How to Use Influencer Marketing to Build Stronger Content for Your Blog #InfluencerDays

Last week I was in NYC speaking about influencer marketing and how it helps creating stronger content assets for your blog. Here’s my recap of the presentation: First of all, content marketing is ALL about influencing – not just your potential customer – but also about influencing the influencer, i.e. those people who can effect buyers’ decisions. And what’s a better way to accomplish that than to actually get that...

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SEOChat Forum Discussions

Landing Page Experience
Even if you are still among the few SEO dinosaurs that don't believe behavior metrics are used as a ranking signal you should at least know that Google can indeed measure and apply a score to how well your landing page performed during a visit. Read this to learn more and get busy improving your landing page experience for your visitors!
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Worpress's Default Page Heading Behaviour
With Wordpress, load up any standard theme and go to any post/page and the page title will be a link wrapped in a h1. So what happens with the link juice on this page? Does Google see this as extra weight for the page/post we are on or are we loosing 25% of the linking power because this self link Google is just ignoring?
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Silos in 2017?
Is it still good practice to use a silo structure in 2017? Do they help with SEO or are I just wasting my time? Would like to hear some opinions from SEOs who have some experience with page structure.
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