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This month we spotlight what you need to know about SEO strategy development, including what does it take to start ranking, what day to day SEO tasks to consider, as well as how to approach link building as a small business.

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The Dental SEO Expert Advice Dentists Need

When people search for a product on their mobile phones, 18% of those searches result in a new customer acquisition somewhere on that very day. Here is what dental marketers need to know about using SEO to its fullest potential.

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9 Ways For Local Business to Acquire Links

Link building has changed a lot over the years. After a pretty brutal crackdown by Google related to linking practices it became clear that a new, more narrow practice was needed to continue taking advantage of this very relevant part of marketing strategy. Thankfully we still have avenues that don't violate any terms of service, or even press the boundaries of what is and isn't acceptable. But how do you do that? Here are nine ways.

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Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog

@15 Resources to Bring Your Social Media Marketing Strategy to the Next Level

Working in social media marketing can be overwhelming, so you are forced to try to organize and scale tasks as much as you can. Sadly, behind that scaling effort hides another problem: You may ultimately build a routine and do the same thing day after day. Social media is all about variety...

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SEOChat Forum Discussions

How Much Time Should I Expect Before My Site Starts Ranking?
Members discuss the variables that go into how long it takes for content to start ranking. All things being equal, you can expect new content to rank within two months.
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What are Day-to-Day SEO Tasks?
A member asks what a day to day workflow looks like for SEO. Members chime in with how to approach creating a workflow to generate incremental improvements, for example using the ‘pareto principle’, to approach SEO as efficiently as possible.
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SEO Effects of Changing Domains
Members discuss best practices for changing domains. Some things to keep in mind include: Make changes slowly: do not change domains, change design, and change content at the same time. Make sure to do a 301 redirect from the old domain to the new domain.
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