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There are only 4 months left in 2017, so this month we provide tons of tips to help you accelerate your SEO efforts before the year is through. Some noteworthy discussion this past month included if Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are a ranking factor and how we should think about PageRank in 2017, with no tool bar and after many Google changes.

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SEO Chat Articles

9 Ways For Local Business to Acquire Links

Building links after Googles many updates has certainly become more daunting. Terri shares link building strategies that are perfect for small business in a post penguin world.

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Choices in How to SEO a Multilingual Site

While growing businesses by expanding to additional countries or languages is a great way to increase your income, it is more complicated than you may realize – especially when it comes to SEO. Gail Gardner shares what you need to know before you start.

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Content Marketing is Changing SEO: 3 Tips to Boost Your Traffic

Pratik Dholakiya demonstrates how SEO and content marketing are two sides of the same coin and provides three tips with case studies to inspire your earned media success.

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Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog

@Announcing: 2017 Google Search Click Through Rate Study

IMN is pleased to announce our Summer 2017 Click Through Rate Study, now available in Whitepaper format in the Resources section of our website...

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SEOChat Forum Discussions

Is AMP a Ranking Factor?
Members discuss if AMP is a ranking factor, with members split on whether implementing AMP will have a positive impact on rankings. Members also discuss the biggest participants in AMP.
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What is your Favorite Way of Getting Clients?
Members discuss best methods to get new SEO clients, if you’re just starting your practice out. The most popular methods among members are participating in forums and writing high quality in-depth articles. It was also recommended to specialize in a specific industry or in a specific area of SEO.
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Google PageRank Question (in 2017)
A new member asks about how do you understand the way that PageRank operates in 2017 – after Google stopped reporting accurate PageRank to the toolbar. Members discuss inbound linking, internal linking, and PageRank sculpting in SEO.
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How Many Clients/Websites Can You Manage For SEO?
A member seeking to start his own agency asks how many clients does an agency typically handle. Members provide useful insights in terms of how many clients an agency can handle and still provide high quality service and consulting.
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CTR, Bounce, Rankings and Google's Invisible ReCaptcha
Google reckons it can tell bot and human apart - their claim with the roll out of the Invisible ReCaptcha - is this a game changer. If they can now tell a genuine human, they can now assess how humans react to a site in a way that bots can't fake regardless of historical arguments. Is there a good chance user behaviour will become, beyond debate, a ranking factor? Members discuss.
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Can I Send a Client my Google Review Page?
Sharing a Google Review Page with clients and customers is a little hidden. SEOchat members share how to get the share link to share with clients and customers, to build your reviews on Google.
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