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This month, we highlight discussions interesting to small business, in-house SEO, and even agency audiences. Members discuss everything from agency size, relevancy of the disavow, and ranking for local query.

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SEO Chat Articles

10 Best Keyword Research and Suggestion Tools for SEO Specialists

While creating a high-quality content with real people in mind is essential, it will be foolish to ignore keyword research and SEO. Doing keyword research...

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Three Powerful Reasons Why your Hosting Choice Must be on Target

How do you decide if a web host is a good choice? Are disk storage features and bandwidth still important? Choosing a web host for...

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Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog

@3 Studies of Google’s Featured Snippets You Should Read

Googles featured snippets are the new Google authorship, albeit less exciting because featured snippets steal links from publishers in SERPs. Whether you like them or not, that’s the change we have to deal with because if you are not featured, your competitor will. Here are three recent studies of...

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SEOChat Forum Discussions

How Many Clients and Websites can you Manage for SEO ?
SEOchat members provide high level insights into how many clients are manageable for SEO as well as what are the SEO team mixes that agencies may have for various roles.
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Do you Still Disavow?
Members weight in on if the disavow has any value anymore and share thoughts on how Google may be weighing backlinks today.
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How to Rank Keyword (for Local Focused Queries)?
Ranking for local focused keywords is a consideration for many small businesses. Members share tips to consider achieving universal search results and local pack organic placements.
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Google My Business Question
Members weigh in on if you can add your business location, if its not in you business name to boost relevancy for a location.
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How to DIY a Competitor Analysis?
Members provide tips for what to look for to get started with getting some competitor ranking insights on your own.
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My SEO is Good, a Part from my Link Building
Members provide link building ideas considering blogging, digital assets, and more.
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