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We've been buzzing with interesting discussion around ranking factors, such as CTR. Also, this month we've been writing about how to make the most of your blog, and more! See the highlights from the month - hand curated by us - below.

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SEO Chat Articles

Ideas for What to Cover on Your Company Blog

Research shows that blogging replaced SEO as top traffic building strategy and 70% of consumers prefer getting to know a company’s voice through blog posts rather than targeted ads. This article provides ideas and examples for what to cover on your company blog.

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7 Must-Have Tools for PPC Managers

If you are looking for a way to optimize your own website for higher earning potential, the tools that Gail Gardner shares in this article are must haves – are you using them all?

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How to Monetize Your Blog Like a Pro

This article shares some interesting blog monetization ideas – are there any here that you might test on your blog?

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Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog

@Guide to the Top SEO Tools

SEO is among one of the biggest concerns for anyone who is running an online business or website. While there are plenty of marketing techniques that are important, particularly content and social, search ranking is still a crucial element to netting yourself a strong audience. After all, not everyone is going to come across your social media account or blog, but a few targeted keywords could bring them straight to...

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SEOChat Forum Discussions

Are Paid Search Ads taking away our SEO business?
In this thread, members discuss the Larry Kim post stating that "value of a Google ranking down 37% in two years?" Members seem to agree that despite increased rankings, year over year traffic still seems to be down in many cases. NewDelhiSEO comments that: "It will ultimately become a game of money till users starting hating Google for too much monetization. Until then SEO is loosing value every day."
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Is CTR a ranking factor?
In this post, Julian_SEO asks about the degree to which CTR is a ranking factor. Members weigh the available evidence including a Moz study, what we know from Google, as well as some homegrown tests that were run – while debating with reasons for and against CTR being a ranking factor.
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Page titles
Walksindorset asks about using related phrases in meta <title> tags. Members answer questions and provide other useful best practices.
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Does Google bias the type of content which ranks?
Novatronic asks about Google bias and search intent. Members offer up their thoughts.
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