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Did Google’s Fred update give new meaning to “March Madness” for you? A few of our forum members were affected as well. But Fred has been talked about to death – so this month, we’re bringing you the other highlights! We promise that they’re just as interesting – maybe more so – than Fred was. Some of the topics are old – like signature links and Google Sandbox – and some are new. We think you’ll enjoy them all!

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SEO Chat Articles

5 Tips for Selling Your Online Courses

So you’ve been working in your industry for years. You consider yourself to be an expert. Now you’ve created an online course to help teach others your secrets...but just because you teach it, doesn’t mean that they’ll attend your classes! Just like everything else in life, you’ve got to sell it. We’ve got some practical tips for how to sell your classes in this article.

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5 Psychological Factors That Affect Your Sales

Psychological factors might sound a little like “soft science” to the ears of an SEO obsessed with data and analytics, but the minds of your audience (and how they work) are of critical importance. Factors like trust, social proof, consistency, and others might be the edge you’re looking for to take your online store to the next level.

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When to Stop SEOing

NSS – Never Stop SEOing! Right? Well, maybe not. Certainly, many of our senior members agree that you should never be so arrogant as to rest on your laurels. But this question is actually about how to separate the noise from the truth when analyzing data. If you’re always working and always making changes to your website, how do you know which changes are doing what or where you rank for real? Our senior members have boat loads of great advice in this thread.

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@3 Tools to Quickly Create Awesome Visual Tweets

Visual tweets attract more clicks and shares. Despite various levels of skepticism (many people were claiming visual tweets to be annoying), visual tweets are getting more and more adopted. Here are three free tools allowing you to create stunning visual tweets in seconds. 1. Twit Shot (Online, Mac App, Google Chrome Extension) is a cool app that extracts an image from the given page and creates an instant visual...

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SEOChat Forum Discussions

Paywalls and Content – The Nuances of How Google Defines Cloaking
A new member came to the forums to ask how to handle free vs subscriber content. How can they get Google to index everything, but restrict user access? That probably sounds a lot like cloaking to you – but Pierre Benneton found a neat Webmaster Hangout video where John Mueller explains that there is more nuance than just “yes” or “no” when it comes to cloaking. Give this a read (and a watch)!
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Signature Links and Penguin – What’s New?
One of our senior members has been struggling to rank a site for several months. They had the site linked in their SEO Chat forum signature, with some keyword text. As a test, they removed the signature – and days later, they landed on the second page of SERPs. Was the signature link responsible? How is Google treating signature links in the post-automated Penguin world?
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Google Sandbox – Real or Not?
It’s been debated for years – does Google hold new domains back in the SERPs, or is that just an illusion that eager SEOs gobble up to explain how difficult new domains are to rank? Our senior members are debating the idea of the Sandbox in this thread, with all the new context that the present day brings us.
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