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Spring is almost here, fellow SEO Chat members! February was a busy month for us and we’re anticipating that March will be even busier. Everyone is coming out of hibernation and really digging into their plans for this year. And when we say that, we don’t just mean individuals – Google is just getting ramped up with its schedule of updates and changes, too. Stay caught up with all the latest news and discussion on our forums! Here’s a sample of what our members have been brewing.

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SEO Chat Articles

Three Sales Tools to Help Your Marketing Efforts

Even freelancers have to think about their sales efforts! Making connections and selling your services is how you put bread on the table. The problem is that it can be very confusing if you have a lot of different contacts and are reaching out to lots of people. That’s where these tools come in – they’ll keep you organized, punctual, and in the money.

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Top SEO Plugins For Any WordPress Website

WordPress is a favorite among SEOs of all experience levels. It’s easy to set up your own site and, with just a few simple plugins, transform it into a springboard to launch your next business adventure. Here are a list of SEO plugins that you cannot afford to go without.

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The Best SEO Tool is the One Between Your Ears!

SEOs and marketers rely on tools a lot to make their jobs easier and to get more work done. The thing about tools, though, is that they’re still machines – they do what they’re programmed to do but they don’t have a sense of context. That’s where your brain comes in! Here’s some cautionary advice about why you should never over-rely on your automated tools.

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@Content Distribution Checklist: How to Make the Most of Your Content Creation Efforts

Creating interesting, engaging content is just par the course for anyone involved in marketing, website development, or pretty much anything else on the web these days. Whole careers are launched on blogs, and if you are able to capture the continued interest of readers you can pretty much solidify a place in Internet history. But writing content isn’t really the whole problem. Most of us can generate something that will...

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SEOChat Forum Discussions

Is Schema Important For SEO?
Some of our newbies have been wondering – does Schema have a direct impact on your rankings? Senior members and eager newcomers alike debated that question in this thread. In the end, there doesn’t appear to be any conclusive evidence that structured data directly improves your rankings...yet. But just because it doesn’t boost your SERPs standing doesn’t mean you should ignore it.
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A Possible Google Algorithm Tweak for PBNs
PBNs, or private blog networks, have been the subject of a lot of excited chatter on SEO Chat lately. Everyone is wondering if they still work, what the risks are, and if they should get involved. Well, it turns out that Google was also very interested in PBNs in February – rumor has it that some changes to Penguin will directly target PBNs in the future.
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PBNs in 2017
Speaking of private blog networks – here’s our most recent mega-thread about them! This topic is the subject of much spirited debate, which always draws out the best in our members. The bottom line is that if you use PBNs, you need to understand the considerable risks that you’ll be taking. For the nitty-gritty details, give this thread a read.
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