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Happy New Year! 2017 is here and SEO Chat is already roaring with activity! We’ve got some eager, chatty, and friendly new members who are taking old discussions and topics and invigorating them with new energy and perspectives. And of course, some of our senior members have returned as well to see what’s up! The new year is always an exciting time for us. We hope you’ll join us, either in one of the forum discussions below or in your own thread!

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SEO Chat Articles

5 Digital Marketing Tools You Must Try in 2017

New tools open up new opportunities, offer new insights, and inspire new tactics. That’s why we’ve rounded up five of them that you definitely need to take for a spin in 2017. There’s the agile crawler, Netpeak Spider; a new Buffer tool; Slack (the ‘Net’s favorite office chat app); Drip, a Mailchimp alternative; and Ptengine, a neat tool for generating heat maps and data visualizations. Check ‘em out!

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5 Best Alternatives to Older Competitor Analysis Tools

Competitor analysis is an essential component of doing business in 2017. It’s something you need to do in order to figure out where you stand, how you need to improve, and how you’re excelling. Thing is, many of the older and established tools for competitor analysis are also expensive. If you’re looking for more modern and less expensive alternatives, check out this list.

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6 Smart Ways to Improve Your Sales Performance

Getting more sales and conversions isn’t always about working harder – it’s also about working smarter. Instead of chasing highly competitive short tail keywords, consider targeting a bucket full of long-tail keywords instead. Improve your site speed and get some product reviews to give your customers a smoother and more informative on-site experience. Try a few of these smart tips to get more sales in the new year!

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@5 Creative Ideas to Promote Your Product on Twitter

Tweeting is much more than posting 140 characters in hopes someone out there will read and click the link. Twitter has gone far beyond its original 140-character limit. These days you can upload images and videos and play with different formats and packaging. Tweeting about your products or offers is perfectly fine. It’s OK to use your own Twitter account to promote your business: Most of brands do that tweeting...

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SEOChat Forum Discussions

Google’s Mobile Interstitial Penalty is Live
Like Babe Ruth pointing to the outfield, Google called this one out ages ago. We all knew that it was coming – it was just a matter of when it would happen. If your site uses big, screen-blocking, bulky interstitials and pop-ups on mobile devices, Google is going to penalize you. Fixing it should be simple enough, though – get rid of your dang pop-ups!
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What Does an SEO Specialist Do?
Overly general questions like this don’t always survive on SEO Chat. But newbies and senior members alike joined this discussion in droves and have made it into a dynamic, comprehensive, and fun to read thread! Check it out and throw in your own two cents if you’d like!
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The Myth of Duplicate Content
Duplicate content is something of an SEO bogeyman. Two of our moderators, Chedders and ThomasHarvey, have been running an experiment to test how Google reacts to duplicated or copied content. They created a site that relies entirely on automatically generated content that has been copied with permission. Their experiment has been going on for 3 months and the results seem to indicate that Google may have a better sense of context than you expect. Is Google really able to recognize when duplicated content adds value and when it’s done simply to manipulate SERPs?
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Smart URL List Cleaner Tool

Here’s one of our most powerful tools! The Smart URL List Cleaner will allow you to merge lists from different sources and clean them up by leaving one URL per domain or only unique URLs. Collate and combine your URL lists and opt to keep only unique URLs – or you can choose to keep just the longest and shortest URLs, too. Give it a try and get your link lists in order!

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