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August 2017
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This month, Devshed tackled some big picture software design questions as well as interesting tactical discussions around file manipulation, working with RegEx, common issues to watch out for when working with date, and more!

Dev Shed

Ruby: Ruby vs. Ruby On Rails

Members weigh in on the relative strengths of Ruby On Rails framework, including what types of projects the language is a good fit for, as well as potential drawbacks.

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Java: Fuzzy RegEx Pattern Matching Alternative

ZGorlock shares a fuzzy matching pattern matching alternative to RegEx, using a minimum string distance algorithm.

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Software Design: How Do You Approach Software Design, When the Idea has Already Been Built by Someone Else?

How do you create a system when you’re not going from 0 to 1 but from 1 to n. Members discuss how to approach system design when the idea that you’re considering already exists.

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Software Design: Best Languages/Software for GUI Design

Members discuss the best languages for GUI design to create interfaces with a native interface feel.

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SEO Chat

Question: How Much Time Should You Spend Doing Onsite SEO vs. Off-Site SEO (Link Building)?

Members discuss how much time should be spent improving the relevancy of the website by implementing SEO features and content strategy vs. off site SEO, such as link building.

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Troubleshooting: Duplicate Meta/Content on the Same URL??

Duplicate content is when the same content appears on multiple URLs, which is a problem for Google indexation. Members help a user troubleshoot a duplicate content issue and provide a technical fix.

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IMN Blog

8 Cool Youtube Tools to Boost Your Creativity

Youtube is a fantastic platform with a lot to offer. These eight cool YouTube tools will help you get the most of it while being more inspired and productive.

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Dev Hardware

HOWTO - Homebrew Fan Speed Controller

A simple project HOWTO for building a fan speed controller for your computer fans. There are two sections: one for manual speed control, and one for automatic (temperature dependent) speed control. There is also a third section for a simple LED output indicator.

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ASP Free

Troubleshooting: Adjust Date To Correspond with International Locations

SteveHigh has a server located in Los Angeles for a UK website. Members help him troubleshoot how to adjust the date and time to reflect date and time in UK.

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Tutorial: Introduction To XML

XML is widely used to implement integration between platforms. This perfect beginners guide walks you through the basics, with definition, document, element, and attribute examples.

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Forum Highlights

PHP: Best Way to Create a Record with Incomplete Data (API)

Members discuss if it is best practice to pass empty values when creating a record with incomplete data.

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Perl: An Odd CPAN Issue

rpural created a script to automate software installs for users, without giving them root authority but is having a problem with CPAN creating $HOME.local in a users directory.

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ASP: Working with a Canned Ecommerce Platform Written in ASP, as a Beginner

Non-technical members asks about solution for .asp pages on canned ecommerce platform to show when locations are opened or closed depending on time zone. Members contrast solutions in javascript vs. directly in ASP.

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Java: Split a Text File

The Doo is starting with the basics of a Java class that translates Morse code to English and is having trouble splitting a text file. Members notice an easy-to-fall-into gotcha with while loop.

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PHP Tutorial: How to Read Excel Files with PHP

Reading Excel files with PHP can be tricky, but fortunately there is a great library that makes this task a lot easier: PHPExcel. In the following article, we will show you how to use it to convert the excel sheets into PHP arrays and use the data in PHP.

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PHP Tutorial: Disk Operations in PHP - Create, and Delete Files and Directories

Learn how to do disk operations, such as creating and deleting files with code samples.

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ASP Tutorial: ASP.NET Code Debugging

The .NET Framework SDK includes a lightweight debugger that is perfectly suited for debugging. Together with Tracing and Exception Handling you're armed and ready to deal with any bugs that come your way – learn how with this tutorial.

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Featured Tool

RegEx Tester

The Regular Expression Match Tool will help you ensure a user to your RegEx is accomplishing what you intended, allowing you to move on to your next task with confidence. Simply input the RegEx and the string to compare into the Regular Expression Match Tool to test your RegEx.

Test your RegEx in seconds.

Web Hosters

Optimizing Website Server Bandwidth

This article presents tips and techniques any webmaster can use to optimize the bandwidth usage of their website. By optimizing the bandwidth, you can serve your visitors better and avoid wasting precious server CPU and memory resources on unimportant factors.

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Bandwidth Control in PHP

Restrict number of downloads , divide the total bandwidth into 2 groups and control the speed of the downloads with this script.

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