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July 2017
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For this months newsletter, we touch on every stage of the web development lifecycle, including choosing a language, adding features such as maps, SEO significant aspects of localization, security, and more.

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XLS / CSV > MySQL For WooCommerce

Developer asks how to import an entire spreadsheet into a database and then manipulate that data into a format that can be can be uploaded into a WooCommerce website to sell.

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Pros & Cons Choosing Python For An Online Areodynamics Platform

Devshedr’ asks about a good language for a new platform in the Python forum, another member gives a good breakdown of the pros and cons of choosing Python for this new startup.

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Needs Help With Developing Store Locator

Members provide a high level overview and resources for building a store locator using Google Maps.

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SEO Chat

Local SEO For Multiple Locations

Members provide guidance for establishing onpage SEO for multiple business locations.

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How Would You Spend A 10K

Members discuss the best way to spend 10K in digital marketing spend, several different channel mixes are offered.

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Choices in How to SEO a Multilingual Site

While growing businesses by expanding to additional countries or languages is a great way to increase your income, it is more complicated than you may realize – especially when it comes to SEO...

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IMN Blog

Announcing: 2017 Google Search Click Through Rate Study

It’s been a while since we’ve last written about this topic, and since last summer, there have been multiple changes to both the algorithms that determine the organic rankings AND the visual presentation of the SERPs...

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Dev Hardware

Which CPU is Better

Which CPU is better Intel Processors forum discussing Intel CPUs, including Pentium D, Pentium 4, Celeron, Centrino and Itanium.

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ASP Free

Displaying a users location in ASP

A dev is looping to build a page in ASP which when loaded by my users will display their location: town/city and county. Members weight in on available approaches.

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Dev Articles

Add New Website Features to Please Users

You may be surprised by the number of features you can add to your website that improve its usability. Some greatly affect a site's look and feel, while others add small but friendly "touches" that make it seem more personal. With CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript and jQuery, you can easily experiment with some of the ideas...

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Forum Highlights

Debugging Techniques for ASP

ASPFree members share some of their tried and true debugging techniques for ASP.

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6 Worst Sins of Security for PHP

Jacques1 shares the 6 worst security vulnerabilities to watch out for, as you build your PHP application.

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Lighting Tricks With Old Film Cameras

With the heyday of film photography in the past, it’s easy to consider tossing your abandoned hand held cameras into the trash. However, as the Koldunov Brothers share, the following hack can put your old school point and shoot to use—without a roll of film.

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Photoshop Photography Backdrops on a Budget Tutorial

Backdrops made from common materials such as canvas, muslin, or vinyl can be quite costly when purchased from photography specialty stores. A less expensive alternative comes in the form of roll up paper backdrops...

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Featured Tool

Advanced Syntax Highlighting

A syntax highlighter helps webmasters, developers or coders post snippets with ease. By using a javascript syntax highlighter tool, PHP, HTML and other website options can be handled in a timely manner with little to no maintenance. Syntax highlighting also colorizes code based on keywords that are pre-defined. When you use highlighting, syntax or otherwise, you can generate HTML which will colorize your code for better readability.

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Web Hosters

How to Prevent Mobile Malware

Do you love your smartphone, but worry about security issues that come with owning one? This article will give you some tips on how to prevent mobile malware.

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Database Query Generator

These functions take input from a form and generate a string which can be used in a database query. If you do a lot of database work, this will make your life much easier.

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Dev Mechanic

Match Your Message to Your Audience

If you've ever hunted for a job – and who hasn't? – you know that all the job search gurus tell you to construct a separate cover letter for every place you send your resume. In some cases, they even tell you to build different resumes! By doing this, you sent the right messages to the right audiences. As a business owner, you still need to do that...

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