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June 2017
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This month we focus on our web dev beginners because its hard to be new at something but its also where most of your growth happens. In honor of our beginners, we have gathered some useful posts on starting to learn a new language (in general), learning PHP, making documentation easier, and even getting started with command line scripting.

Dev Shed

Is it a Good Idea to Store PHP Error in the Database?

Members discuss when and if storing errors in a database is useful vs. just using logs.

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Load XML in MYSQL Using PHP

Members share methods for how you can load XML into MYSQL using PHP easily and efficiently.

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What’s the Best Tool to Document Applications?

There are many tools available to document applications, members discuss some of the available options for automating or at least making code an project documentation easier.

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SEO Chat

What is Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate is an often-confusing metric in analytics software. Members clarify how bounce rate is exactly calculated in Google Analytics and how to give it from a user engagement standpoint.

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Best SEO eCommerce Practice - Same Product Targeting Different Keywords

I want to target different keywords for the same e-commerce product. What's the best SEO practice? I'm aware of the pitfalls to keyword stuffing.

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How to Make Google Show Images in the Snippets of the Mobile Results

Google is now showing image thumbnails in the mobile search results for select queries....

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IMN Blog

Instagram on Bots, Dealing with Dodgy Reviews & Google to Define Dupe Content: Weekly Forum Update

Instagram is finally taking an action on fake followers and Firefox is finally addressing its speed issues...

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Clickbot Bypasses Google Bouncer & Warning On Low Quality Guest Posts

Does click-through-rate impact Google rankings? Is Google preparing to hit guest posting links again? Will we all be forced to migrate to HTTPS?

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Dev Hardware

New Dev Learning Arduino

For those of you who don’t know about arduino, it is open source software and hardware for building devices and objects that can actually control stuff in the physical world, which has a pretty big community around it. A new member who just purchased a starter kit asked if anyone was doing anything special with theirs.

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ASP Free

Introduction to XML

Looking to learn XML? Here is a useful guide to get your started.

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Dev Articles

File Management In PHP

Approach file management in PHP strategically with this easy to follow tutorial for beginners.

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Forum Highlights

Learning Python (Good tip for anyone looking to learn a new programming language on a low budget or no budget)

Experienced members share their tips on how to learn a programming language for nearly free, in this case, python. Some tips shared included how to make the best use of free tutorials and search engines for learning as well as workflow for learning a new language.

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Are Some Projects Too Small to Require a Project Management Framework?

A member asks about how SCRUM would be used for a really small site and small team? A experienced member provides thoughts on an abbreviated essentials of SCRUM for very low complexity projects.

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How to Create a Double Exposure Effect

There is no better season than now to try out some fun tutorials! This week, I’ll show you how to create a winter double exposure effect using adjustment layers, masking and layer modes. Ready? Let’s go!

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Augmented Reality from A to Z using Blender, Unity and Vuforia | Part 1 : Introduction

This tutorial will be a multipart videos covering different processes of making an augmented reality product from a to z.

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Featured Tool

Browser Settings Tool

This free tool is good for, you guessed it, seeing all your browser settings. Can be used for browser testing or just for fun to see what your browser "footprint" looks like.

Check your browser settings in seconds.

Web Hosters

How to Choose a High Volume Host?

If you’re a small business, do you really need a high volume host? Find out the real pros and cons before you choose.

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Understanding AWK in the UNIX Shell

AWK is one of those little gems that are hiding in your system administrator tool kit, which is useful for developers and really anyone whose looking to restructure or even do some basis data analysis from obviously text files but useful for other formats as well. Check out this quick start guide to get started.

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Dev Mechanic

Regex Pattern Extractor

Save yourself time writing regex yourself and try our simple regex pattern extractor designed for webpages.

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