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May 2017
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Update Issues from mySQL to MySQLi on PHP7 Server

Know the potential gotchas with server updates to PHP7.

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Choosing a PHP Caching System

Members talk hacks and PHP features, specifically how to choose a caching system.

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SEO Chat

Is Bounce Rate a Ranking factor?

To what degree is bounce rate a ranking factor? Members discuss what Google has to say and what they've seen from experience.

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Is CTR a Ranking Factor?

Members discuss if CTRs from organic search listings have an impact on rankings.

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IMN Blog

How to Collect Leads Faster?

Ann Smarty provides actionable tips for how to attract more leads at a faster rate.

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Dev Hardware

Newb Dev

A new member bought an Audrino kit and looks for ideas for what they can do with it.

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ASP Free


Is there a simple way to get gelocation data from a users IP? Members discuss two possible ways to get Geolocation information from users.

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Dev Articles

Add Website Features to Please Your Users

You may be surprised by the number of features you can add to your website that improve its usability. Some greatly affect a site's look and feel, while others add small but friendly touches that make it seem more personal. With CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript and jQuery, you can easily experiment with some of these ideas.

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Forum Highlights

Preg_replace() Delimiter problem

Delimiter problem with using cURL to fetch a webpage. Members offer tips for troubleshooting.

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Adding Elements to Multidimentional Array

Potential gotcha from using $insert in a multidimensional array.

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Database Design Tutorial with Example Tutorial

Walk through building a database using a live example to explain key concepts and see how they all come together.

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How to Copy or Clone Data from One Database Table to Another

It is sometimes required for the developers to have a clone/copy of their production tables in order to have a backup or for some calculation purpose. See how to use INSERT INTO and SELECT to clone your tables.

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Featured Tool

Regular Expression Match

The Regular Expression Match Tool will help you ensure a user to your RegEx is accomplishing what you intended, allowing you to move on to your next task with confidence. Simply input the RegEx and the string to compare into the Regular Expression Match Tool to test your RegEx.

Test your RegEx in seconds.

Web Hosters

How to Get Into Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hackers that play vital roles for government organizations and high profile businesses. Does the idea of becoming an ethical hacker intrigue you? If so, this article will give you a background on what you'll need to do to become one.

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Converting CSV Files to MySQL INSERT Queries Using PHP

This article covers an important web application tool written in PHP that will let developers upload a CSV file and then convert that to MySQL insert queries. This is particularly useful in a limited hosting environment where a user is restricted to importing or uploading an SQL file to the MySQL server.

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Dev Mechanic

How to Copyright and Patent your Software?

Learn about the differences between a copyright and a patent. Explore your options for patenting your software in the US.

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