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April 2017
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A happy April to you, readers! We hope wherever you are that the sun is out, the winds are gentle, and the snow is melting. While you’re sipping some cool, refreshing lemonade outside in the beautiful spring weather, we also hope that you’re browsing some of the discussions and articles around the Developer Shed Network! Here’s a spring sampling of what’s happening in our neighborhood.

Dev Shed

Beginner Tips: PHP and Node.js

One of our newbies is working in business development and came to the forums with this question: how do code, services, and apps interact? It’s a bit of a generic question, but everyone has to start somewhere – and our senior members have done a great job of putting him on the right track.

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What’s the Difference Between a PHP Statement and a PHP Expression?

This thread is worth reading for the detailed and textbook-perfect responses of our senior members, requinix and gw1500se. Any of our newbies who are looking to learn PHP should definitely check out this thread!

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SEO Chat

8 Tools For Your Social Media Team to Work Better Together

Coordination is key for big social media teams! In this article, we’ve collected some of the absolute essentials that social media teams need to succeed. There are both organizational tools and tools to help you boost your social media efforts – give ‘em a try!

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How to Monetize Your Blog Like a Pro

Everyone wants to make money doing something they love. But making money with a blog is a great deal more complex than just slapping some ads onto it. You have to take stock of the different monetization options out there and consider your timing as well.

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IMN Blog

4 Useful Tools for Twitter Bio Search: Smart Relationship Building

Twitter is a great connecting tool. It’s much more open than Facebook (You don’t have to be anyone’s friend to get in touch) and much more active than Linkedin. Facebook does allow to send messages to non-friends but for some reason I only receive those using a mobile app. Also you cannot really tag people on Facebook unless you are friends. As for Linkedin, weirdly, I receive several messages a...

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Dev Hardware

Check Out Our Computer Hardware Reviews!

At Dev Hardware, our members don’t just talk the talk – they walk the walk! They know their stuff and they’re willing to test equipment and review it so that you can learn about it. Beyond computer hardware, we have some great game reviews too!

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ASP Free

Building a Geolocation Page

This forum member has been trying to build a simple page that will display the location of visitors for some time! Recent activity and some interesting code posted by a new member might shed further light onto the big roadblocks!

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Access Query Help

As one of our mods suggests in this thread – try coding by yourself first, and then come to ASP Free for a review! What other tips could you share with this newbie about access queries?

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Dev Articles

Sharpen Your C Programming Skills With Us!

If it has to do with C or C++ programming, our forums can be your one-stop help-spot! This is the section that Dev Articles is known for, with hundreds of threads all about C and C++ programming.

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Put Your Site Up For Review

Looking for some tips? Just want to show off? Put your site up for review by our talented and experienced members in this forum section!

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Forum Highlights

Welcome the Developer Shed Network’s Newest Administrator!

There’s a new sheriff in town! The guard is changing on the Developer Shed Network – stop in and say hello! Threads like these can be found on every forum of the Network in their “Suggestions and Feedback” sections, so you can share a chat in any community of your choosing.

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How to Filter and Sort Your Backlinks

Newbies who want to get tons of backlinks – fast – often return to us a month or two later with a new problem: they caught a lot of garbage along with the good fish in their nets! In this thread, Prof.stan takes us through the step-by-step process of performing a backlink analysis for your website.

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Is CTR a Ranking Factor?

Google is moving more and more in a direction that favors user experience factors. Does that mean that click-through rates could become a more important ranking factor in the years to come? Our senior members aren’t so sure of that – but they do have some great thoughts about what the future could hold!

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Draw a Realistic Motorbike Helmet With Photoshop and Illustrator

We’ll combine the pixel manipulating precision of Photoshop with Illustrator’s brilliant vector handling to create a masterpiece in this tutorial.

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Removing Backgrounds in Photoshop

Removing backgrounds in images can be a daunting task for designers. You can go all out destructive and use the eraser tool – or you can use a non-destructive approach with masks in Photoshop.

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How to Use a Color Chart for Photography

A color chart is a tool that’s easy to underestimate. It’s not nearly as complex as most of the gear and software that modern photographers use – but it’s still important in the right context!

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Featured Tool

htaccess Generator

Whether you own a website for business or personal use, you would do well to put your customers’ minds at ease. How can one do this? Simple. Password protect your page by using an .htaccess password. Site owners can use this tool to make correct .htaccess and .htpasswd files, by using a password and user name adopted by the user. Select a password and username, along with the directory to protect, and the utility will do the rest.

Generate an .htpasswd file in seconds.

Web Hosters

Tech Temptations to Avoid

When we see rules, as human beings, we want to break ‘em. But there are some temptations that should be resisted when it comes to your tech.

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How to Get Values From a Dynamically Generated Text Area Field

One of our newbies has quite the dynamic problem in this thread. They’re working on a mini project where they’d like to receive input from users from a textarea form. Testing the form, submitting it appears to do nothing! How can they ensure that the data is properly passed to its database?

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Dev Mechanic

Social Media: An Analogy

What can we learn from a little history and sociology about social media? This analogy might help to jump-start your brain when it comes to promoting yourself on Facebook, Twitter, and more.

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