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March 2017
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It’s finally spring! Along with the flowers and the leaves on the trees, great forum threads and discussions are sprouting all across the Developer Shed network. It’s been a very active couple of weeks in the SEO world, and on Dev Shed we have some great expert replies from our senior members to present. Take a look at what we’ve been up to!

Dev Shed

Using ASP to Show When The Office is Opened vs Closed

Sounds like a simple question on the outside, but as requinix writes “Wow, ASP does not make this nice.” This returning member needs some JavaScript that can be customized to use an office time zone regardless of what time zone the web server is in. Then there are holiday concerns! Our senior members really come through here though!

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Which Parts of PHP Not to Learn?

One of our newbies has been trying hard for a few months to learn PHP 7. What frustrates them is that sometimes tutorials and articles present information that is blatantly wrong, or only corrected in the comments. Why do they do this, they ask? Senior member kicken has some truly generous and awesome posts, filled with great advice for frustrated new programmers. Give them a read!

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SEO Chat

5 Tips for Selling Your Online Courses

E-learning courses are a great way for newbies to be introduced to new concepts and techniques, and they’re also a great way for experts to build their audiences. How do you convince an audience that you’re offering the best online course available among your competitors? We have some tips in this article.

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5 Psychological Factors That Affect Your Sales

The technical aspects of your site are extremely important to making sales. But there are “fluffier” metrics that you should be paying attention to as well – things at the fringes that might make the difference between victory and defeat between your competitors. These are things like social proof, consistency, commitment, the scarcity principle, and others.

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IMN Blog

Google Making the Web Faster: Over the Years

With AMP project being aggressively pushed by Google recently, site speed topic has been discussed more actively again. In case you wanted to get a quick background of those discussions, here is the timeline of Google trying to make the web faster and dealing with site speed over the years: 2009 December: Google Page Speed report comes to Google Webmaster Tools under “Site Performance” section. 2010 April: Google announces they...

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Dev Hardware

Dev Folding - Has Anyone Tried the New F@H 7.4..16?

Dev Hardware’s Dev Folding Team contributes spare processor cycles to Stanford’s research team, helping to find cures for disease. It’s a great cause, and on of our senior members recently returned to talk about their new rig!

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ASP Free

Appending a New Table in Microsoft Access

This forum member has a query that joins three tables by a unique field. Now they also have a fourth table with Counts. Can the fourth table be added as results for the the previous query? One of our moderators returned to answer this question recently!

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Checking For Duplicates From Form Input

This forum member is trying to check a table for duplicate users. If a duplicate is detected, a “user already exists” message is displayed. But if it’s not a duplicate, they’d like to insert the data into a database. Problem is, the data isn’t being inserted!

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Dev Articles

Responsive Web Design: More Than Just a Buzz Word

In this day and era, it’s especially clear that being responsive to the needs of your mobile visitors is essential! There are more than just Google rankings at stake, too. Not being responsive can impact your reputation and you ability to make sales too.

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Revisiting the HTML5 vs Native Debate

Here’s a somewhat older article from our archive! Developers of mobile apps had to ask themselves if, faced with HTML5’s rapid development, whether applications should be created natively or not. It was a tricky debate, and its ramifications can still be felt today.

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Forum Highlights

IF FOR Loop Issues

Loops always seem to throw our newbies for a...uh...loop. This newbie is working with some dimmer code, “But when I want to run this code when I receive something from I2C then my resistor is getting burnt and the hunch what I have is keeping the for() loop inside the if() loop is causing me this problem.” Senior member salem has some great advice for how dimmer code should actually be used.

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How to Find an SEO Consultant You Can Trust

Plenty of people have been burned before in the hunt for a good SEO service. Many new site owners make the mistake of hiring cheap and quick services on Fiverr. Or they might be engaging in shady black hat services that present themselves as white hat, without understanding the risks. Our senior members have advice in this thread for how to identify someone trustworthy, as well as a little debate about the value of PPC.

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Fred and the Phantoms – Punk Band or Google’s Latest Update Gossip?

Google’s new “Fred” update was named as a joke by Gary Illyes. But the name seems to have stuck, so that’s what everyone is calling it. Just because it has a name, though, doesn’t mean that it’s well understood. Even weeks after it first appeared, webmasters aren’t sure of exactly what Fred is. We’re following the news in this thread.

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The Essential Guide to Creating Vintage-Style Posters With Illustrator

Ever wanted to recreate a vintage look for your own designs? Here’s how to capture an authentic-looking vintage travel poster design with Adobe InDesign and Illustrator!

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How to Make a Cheap DIY Photographer Drone

If you don’t have a professional-grade drone, all you need is some fishing wire, a wide-open field, and a very ordinary object to make your camera fly.

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Create a Surreal, Heavenly Ascension in Photoshop

We’ll practice color correcting images, blending, fog effects, glow effects, and lighting effects in this tutorial!

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Featured Tool

Fetch HTML content

When you need to strip HTML tags from the web content, you need a tool that can help make the process easier. The Fetch HTML content tool is easy to use and quickly strips all the tags from the content. When you enter the URL, the tool will retrieve the information on the web page without the tags. Use the tool to simplify the entire search process.

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Web Hosters

Optimizing Website Server Bandwidth

Part one of our four part series about optimizing website server bandwidth! We examine the theory of website bandwidth and different hosting options to give you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision in this article.

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Take a Look at Our Barter Zone!

Our forum’s Barter Zone section is your one-stop shop for placing and engaging with deals, requests for work, consulting services, and more. We take great care to delete spam and ensure that only healthy, legitimate offers make it through. So take a look!

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Dev Mechanic

On Page SEO for New Domains

Many of our network newbies are just starting out with fresh domains. On page SEO is one of the most important factors of getting your site to rank well. So, if you’re starting out fresh you have to make sure that you’re also starting off on the right foot! We’ll help you do so in this article.

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