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February 2017
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Believe it or not, Spring is almost here! We've been warming ourselves through the winter with our fiery threads and articles, but I'm sure I'm not just speaking for myself when I say that I'll be glad to see some green grass and sunny skies again. But while we wait, here's a taste of the great things happening across the Developer Shed Network – join us today and start a new thread on one of our forums!

Dev Shed

2D Randomness Visualization with Python, Matplotlib, and Numpy

Karl-Uwe-Frank, one of our longtime forum members and a frequent poster in our Security and Cryptography section, brings us "a very basic Python script for 2D visualizing randomness of given files..." Why would you want such a thing? Well, give this thread a read and be convinced!

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One of our forum members is wondering in this thread if they can "use PEAR in PHP scripts without recompiling PHP ‘with-pear'..." Other senior members answer, basically, that yes, there's no need to recompile PHP. But oakleaf contends that PEAR shouldn't be used in the first place. What do you think?

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SEO Chat

How Social Media Saved the Travel Industry

It's debatable whether social media and blogging are a perfect fit for every business. What is certain is that there is no "one size fits all" style that can be applied to everyone. In 2016, the giants of the travel industry embarked on some unique strategies that paid serious benefits – we've got a case study and an infographic all about it.

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Three Sales Tools to Help Your Marketing Efforts

Sales and marketing are games of organization. Spreadsheets and post-it notes can only take you so far – eventually you might need to make use of an online tool. This is especially true for people who deal with many clients at once! We break down three elegant and inventive sales tools to help you stay organized in this article.

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IMN Blog

Three Twitter Tools To Bookmark for Your Next Conference Trip

Next week I am heading to Pubcon SFIMA, so I thought it would be a good time that I try a couple of new Twitter tools to make the most of it. I love using Twitter when I go to conferences because it helps me get much more out of an event in terms of connecting to people and getting my word out there. The ability to tweet to and...

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Dev Hardware

Mobile Computing and the HTC 10

Here's a thread from a newbie in our mobile programming section! They've been using the HTC Desire EYE, but are thinking about switching to the HTC 10. If anyone out there as some experience with it, please share in this thread!

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ASP Free

How to Deal With End of Statement Expected Errors?

Here's a quick question from one of our long-time members! They'd like to create an email template that always ends with "Thank you. Regards." Unfortunately, their Visual Studio code returns End of Statement Expected errors – why, and how can it be fixed?

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Inserting Data Within a Loop

This forum member's loop and data script work fine alone...but when they're combined, they're a far cry from peanut butter and jelly! They managed to find a solution by removing the "dims" in their code, but they wonder why they were causing an issue. If you know, give this one a click and reply!

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Dev Articles

Pulling Blog Posts from a Database With MySQL

This forum member has a simple script that pulls articles from a database. The problem is that the last article in the database won't show when they use DESC and try to order them by date! What gives?

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Check Out Our C/C++ Help Library!

The C/C++ Help section is the largest forum section on Dev Articles. If you want to do some reading or post a question, this is the place to do it! Get help with current issues or read valuable tutorials posted by our senior members.

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Forum Highlights

Subprocesses and Multiprocessing in Python

This simple question about how to run a script, call a subprocess, and work with a while loop produced some inventive solutions – especially from senior member dwblas in post number eight! Give it a look!

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PBN Megathread 2017

PBN stands for "Private Blog Network." It's a pretty spammy technique and Google hates it – the penalties are harsh and long-lasting when applied – but it's also known for the speed at which it can shoot a website (or network of sites) up the rankings. If you only care about your short term rankings, they can be quite tempting – but use them responsibly. Anyone who uses them or attempts to get their clients to use them should understand and clearly spell out the inevitable consequences.

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Possible Google Algorithm Tweak for PBNs Announced

Curious what the consequences of your PBN being discovered could be? This article from SERoundtable shows that Google is still very serious about dismantling and penalizing PBNs when they are found. Read, learn, and take heed!

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Create a Lake in Photoshop

Got a beautiful sky scene and want to reflect it off of a scenic lake? We can show you how to create your own water, even when there's none to be found, with Photoshop!

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Basic Linux Commands With Examples

Here's a detailed guide on getting started with the Linux command line! Topics include terminal shortcuts, useful commands, and actual examples.

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How to Automatically Load More Posts in WordPress with JQuery

Once your visitors have scrolled to the bottom of your page, would you like to serve them with more content and recommendations? This tutorial will teach you how with jQuery!

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Featured Tool

HTML Entities Encode Decode

Everyone has seen the occasional glitch on a website with a jumble of symbols that is supposed to represent a character or punctuation mark. You can prevent this from happening by using HTML entities in place of the character. This works differently from the HTML encoder. The HTML character encoding will only replace your characters with codes to help you keep your website easy to read and protect the integrity of your business.

Encode and Decode html entities in seconds.

Web Hosters

How to Avoid Financial Fraud Online

Straight from the Web Hosters Security Archive, here's our article about avoiding financial fraud! Just about all of your data can be sold for money these days, making the opportunities for scamsters and fraudsters to hack into your financial accounts more common. But you can protect yourself or your organization just by following a few simple tips.

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Pulling Values From a Dynamically Generated Text Area Field

This newbie has a bit of a complicated PHP question. A column in their database table has contents that are generated by exploding a previous form's inputs. They'd like to pull those inputs using textarea in a form and put them into arrays...but each time the form is submitted they get an undefined index notice.

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Dev Mechanic

Speak Your Customer's Language

Sounds like an obvious tip for success, right? But we're not just talking about translating your website (although that's important!) We're also talking about currencies, forms of transaction, and knowing when you need a multi-lingual presence online.

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