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January 2017
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Cheers to the New Year, fellow Developer Shed members! January is already almost over, can you believe it? Time flies when you're having fun, I suppose. Our senior members and newbies have been having a lot of fun all across the network with the great threads they've been posting. Here's a sampling of what's to come in 2017!

Dev Shed

Scorpions4ever Shares a "Quick n' Dirty PL/0 Interpreter" Using Clang++

Scorpions4ever is one of our moderators and a senior member with over 9,000 posts. They've been extremely helpful in the past – and this time they're sharing some of their own code for critique! Join this thread and help them out – a high level, friendly, fun discussion is guaranteed.

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How to Make a Better Loop

Is building a better loop anything like building a better mousetrap? Loops certainly seem more possible! Senior member Barand has some great ideas for improving a newbie's script – a quick and clean operation!

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SEO Chat

Recent News About Crawl Budgets!

Crawl budgets have been in the news lately. Google has addressed how they work and what SEOs need to consider when working with them, and we have some interpretive articles in this thread as well. Plenty of newbies have been upset that Google isn't crawling or indexing them fast enough lately – this thread and the resources in it could answer their questions.

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6 Smart Ways to Improve Your Sales Performance

Do you have reviews for your products? Are you tracking long-tail keywords as well as short-tail? Are your descriptions unique? These are just a few things you can do to give your site an SEO boost and improve sales and conversions. Give this article a read for more tips.

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IMN Blog

5 Easy-to-Digest Resources to Finally Understand Site Speed Better

Making your site faster has been a hot topic for many years now. It started with Google announcing site speed a ranking factor and it's got hotter with the mobile search traffic getting more and more discussed. Sadly, it's also one of the most complicated topics to discuss. You are unlikely to handle speeding up your site yourself: You'll need good developers to rely on. However you also want to...

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Dev Hardware

Cool Off In Our PC Cooling Section!

Heatsinks, fans, water cooling, video cooling, and more. There are plenty of inventive ways to cool your high performance PC – some more effective than others, and some more risky and rickety than others. Join us in this forum section to discuss your recent cooling projects, ask for help, or share tips and tricks.

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ASP Free

Inserting Data Within a Loop

This newbie is wondering if it's possible to call a function within a loop, because it certainly isn't working for them! They think that they may have found a solution to get it to work, but of course we're sure they'd appreciate a second set of eyes to confirm or refute their idea!

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Why Won't This Table Update?

Senior forum member Zath returned to help answer this thread! The solution is a lot simpler than you'd think. It'll remind you of the necessity of proofreading your code!

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Dev Articles

Discuss ASP Development on Dev Articles!

ASP Free isn't the only place to discuss ASP programming! It might be the largest and best in our network, but there's a small and intelligent community of ASP coders on Dev Articles as well. Dive in the archives and read some good ol' threads today!

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How to Keep the Original JSON Format After Deleting an ID With PHP

This forum member has developed a function to delete a PID inside of a JSON string. But when they try to encode the string again after removing the PID, the formatting of the JSON code is lost. Is there any way for them to keep the original formatting intact through the editing process?

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Forum Highlights

A UK Google Algorithm Update?

On January 12th, senior SEO Chat member Chedders posted that some of the sites they monitor had seen "huge swings...I am talking up to 50 places up or down on keywords that have been pretty stable." Sounds like unusual activity – if you've been seeing similar activity, post here with your experiences!

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The "Great Threads" Thread

Here's a thread where forum members can share their favorite threads for newbies to learn from and senior members to use as teaching tools and discussion points! Is there a thread you read recently that opened your eyes, got your blood pumping, or made you respect another member more?

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A Basic WHERE Question

Sometimes the most basic and open-ended questions are the most fun because they also have the most answers! Our senior members take a moment to flex their muscles and shine in this MySQL thread.

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Create a Stunning Fire Effect in Photoshop

We'll be working with the Flame Filter that comes with Photoshop CC 2014 today! It'll let you ad flame and fire effects around text or images easily.

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Create a Rainy Night Scene With Photoshop

We'll take a boring, bland evening scene and turn it into a brightly lit rainy night in this photo manipulation. We'll practice painting light, blending figures into the scene, and more!

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How to Style Your Food Photography Composition to the Camera

Photography begins with the camera and the multitude of precise decisions that must be made with it. Making food photography look effortless isn't easy, but here are some steps to take towards that goal!

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Featured Tool

Online HTML Validator

To use this tool, select the input method you wish to use. You may choose to validate the coding of a URL, a file being uploaded or direct input. If you choose direct input you will copy and paste the full HTML of the page you wish to validate.

Validate your html in seconds.

Web Hosters

How to Avoid Spam

Spam – we all hate it and we all wish it would just go away! Unfortunately, even in the new year of 2017, spam isn't going anywhere. But if you can recognize the different types of spam by sight, you can probably prevent yourself from running into as much of it with ill-advised clicks. Give this a read!

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Pear, PHP, and "Page Not Found"

Here's an older thread where the OP, a Pear and PHP newbie, was trying to build a page. "Page Not Found" errors, explains senior member and moderator icandothat, are almost always either a case of the files not existing as they are typed, or the permissions blocking Apache from reading it. Handy to know!

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Dev Mechanic

Promoting Your Site: How to Pre-Launch

Before your site goes live, there are going to be a lot of things for you to prepare! You don't just have to prepare the site itself, but there's a great deal of marketing wizardry involved with a pre-launch. This article will give you some tips and tricks to market your website before it goes live.

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