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Internet Marketing Ninjas (IMN) is a leading internet marketing company specializing in all areas of SEO and internet marketing services. With a range of services including web design, content creation and optimization, page analysis and reporting, link building, and social media services, it’s no surprise that IMN is ahead of the internet marketing game. The company began as a one man web design service in 1999 when CEO Jim Boykin founded We Build Pages. The company was rebranded in 2011 as Internet Marketing Ninjas and began offering a wider range of internet marketing services. The company is now home to approximately 100 “ninjas” who specialize in various areas of internet marketing. Jim is also the owner of the DevShed network including SEO Chat, the Cre8asiteforums, and Webmaster World. With IMN you can expect the best service and a knowledgeable staff that is available to answer any questions you may have about the services they offer and SEO best practices.

Services Include:

  • Content Creation
    The content creation team at IMN knows how important original SEO content is to a website. The content team will create new original content that is not only brilliantly written but also utilizes highly searched keyword phrases.
  • Reporting and Analysis
    Clients of IMN can find out exactly what a website needs to increase sales and web rankings with the help of the reporting and analysis team. This team will compile reports outlining all of the services offered by Internet Marketing Ninjas that will help a website exceed current profits.
  • Reputation Management
    IMN knows how quickly both good and bad information can spread across the internet. The reputation management services offered by this internet marketing company help clients take control of their online brand reputation.
  • Link Building
    The service for which IMN is most well-known, the quality linkbuilding done by Internet Marketing Ninjas is not only white hat, but extremely effective, bringing in links to the most trustworthy and respected of websites.
  • Local Marketing
    Not all businesses are nationwide, but even businesses with a customer base located in a specific geographic area can benefit from the internet marketing services offered by IMN. The local marketing services provided by the company can target keywords to a specific area in order to help clients more effectively reach their community.
  • Social Media
    One of the most effective ways for businesses to communicate with their customers and clients is through social media. The social media team at IMN is made up of experts at establishing and executing the ideal SEO social media campaign for each and every client that receives the service.
  • On Page Optimization
    Knowing what website features need improving is the first step to a fully SEO friendly optimized website. The on page optimization service offered by IMN includes a site audit that will pin point areas that need improving, interlinking projects, and Meta tag creation.
  • Web Design
    It’s important to have a design that not only looks good, but that converts. The web design team will create attractive designs that are tested for conversion and usability.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns
    PPC services can be highly effective, but people are sometimes hesitant to capitalize on the profitability of the service because of the initial cost associated with it. The PPC team at IMN knows what details to look out for to create a successful campaign.
  • Panda and Penguin Help
    When a client site has been hit by Panda or Penguin, the ninjas have solutions. The Panda and Penguin help provided by the team will tell clients what they need to do to fix the problem after doing a thorough analysis of the website.

Jim Boykin, owner and CEO of IMN is also the proud owner of the Developer Shed network of websites, the Cre8asiteforums, and WebmasterWorld and has created several tools for webmasters to use to improve their websites.

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