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dev hardware

Independent Hardware News and Reviews.
Get Your Geek On!

Dedicated to delivering up-to-date information on the computer hardware industry, Dev Hardware is home to a flourishing community of writers and readers. This informative and entertaining website is a widely respected source of industry news and product reviews. Also, our readers are active members in our hardware forums, where they discuss practically every computing technology.

Dev Hardware follows the daily headlines, publishing timely articles with more detailed analyses than any other hardware site. Our authors bring researched and experienced outlooks into what the latest news means for the future of computing. Dev Hardware is a leading resource for cutting edge articles because of this. The site covers news about:

  • Future technologies that will revolutionize computing
  • Upcoming products that advance the industry
  • How the actions of the government and private companies enter into the industry

Dev Hardware is also renowned for reviewing new hardware. When shopping for computer parts, people often turn to the site directly or arrive at it from a search engine.

Dev Hardware Topics

Our authors provide some of the most detailed reviews, including product specifications and rigorous benchmark testing. The hardware included on the website is:

  • Computer Processors
  • Computer Cases
  • Video Cards
  • Storage Devices
  • PC Coolong Hardware
  • Digital Cameras
  • Flat Panels & Monitors
  • Gaming
  • Memory
  • Motherboard
  • Mobile Devices
  • PC Speakers
  • Networking Hardware
  • Sound Cards
  • Power Supply Units

Dev Hardware attracts all kinds of technology-minded web surfers with these detailed reviews and our extensive insight into breaking technologies. But the website is even more useful because of its tutorials.

Dev Hardware Tutorials
Our authors write tutorials to help those modifying or building computers. Dev Hardware contains advice for many purposes: overclocking, knowing what hardware to buy, assembling computer parts, and more. Of course, if a tutorial isn’t immediately available, there is always help on our highly trafficked Dev Hardware Forum.

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