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Internet Marketing and Conversion Web Design

Back in the pioneering days of web design and search engine marketing, Cre8asiteforums was first launched by and called "Cre8pc Web Site Promotion". It was August of 1998, before the term "SEO" was used and there were ten major search engines, along with countless directories. In 2000, Founder and SEO from, Kim Krause Berg, now fully trained in web site usability design and testing for web sites and software, added a forum focused on usability topics. It was the first combination of usability and SEO in any online forums.

  • No Such Thing as a Dumb Question – Our motto, since day one. Cre8asiteforums is famous for being friendly, smart and helpful to everyone seeking advice or help with a marketing or design problem.
  • Deep Thinkers – Members of the Cre8asiteforums community are pioneers, "thought leaders" and simply people who like to ponder the deeper meaning behind the work we do. A private LABS provides discussions out of “earshot” from all search engines for long-time members.
  • Web Site Hospital – Cre8asiteforums was the first to allow members to bring their websites to the forums to get help on everything from SEO, to user testing and design help to code repair. For free. Payment is simply paying it back by helping other site owners.

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Purchased by Internet Marketing Ninjas CEO, Jim Boykin, in 2012, Cre8asiteforums continues to serve as a beacon of light for anyone interested in learning how to optimize and market web sites that meet accessibility compliance, usability standards, while pushing into the future of human factors, social networking and neuroscience.

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