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You talk the talk, now walk the walk!

Codewalkers is the place to go on the web if you want to sharpen your PHP or MySQL skills. As most web developers know, PHP is an open source programming language that was originally designed for producing dynamic web pages. MySQL is an enormously popular database management system frequently used for web applications. PHP and MySQL are often used together for popular Internet applications such as blogging platforms.

You'll also appreciate our book reviews, covering many of the same topics. With so many computer books being published every year it's hard to know which ones are worth the time and money. As with our tutorial writers, our reviewers are respected professionals in their fields; they go through the books and let you know which ones will give you the knowledge you need to stay at the top of your game.

You'll definitely want to check out our Code Gallery. Whether you need a script to help you with file manipulation, email, site navigation, content management, or any of a dozen other issues, you'll find it here. Best of all, you won't have to spend your time reinventing the wheel; simply take the code and adapt it to your own needs!

Codewalker Topics

Codewalkers features a number of sections that cover PHP and MySQL like no one else. Take our tutorials, for example. We have excellent content on a wide range of topics:

  • Databases
  • Navigation Usability
  • PEAR
  • Programming Basics
  • Server Adninistration
  • XML

Codewalkers Forums
Naturally you'll want to visit our highly active forums. They boast some of the most vocal and knowledgeable developers on the Internet. Feel free to ask your technical questions here; our readers freely share their expertise in PHP, PEAR, MySQL, server administration, and many other topics. You'll find a friendly crew that makes you feel right at home, whether you're coding for a hobby site or administering a database for a large corporation.

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